why work with us

Become the main actor of your own success

Why work with us

With Vauban you will work in a challenging and stimulating environment, where professional and personal development go hand in hand.
Once you join our team, various key-benefits are at your disposal:
Diversity of missions – in Romania and/or abroad
A career in Vauban makes you benefit from continuous new experiences. Every new project is a chance to benefit from new experience, to develop your knowledge’s curve and to contribute positively to its success. The diversity of the projects will guarantee a rich and comprehensive career with exposure to the latest technologies. You will progress not only by learning from other team members, but also by sharing your knowledge and know-how.
A broad range of Premium clients
You will perform missions with Top 100 Romanian and international companies. Vauban delivers several innovative projects with latest technologies.
A positive environment
You will work within a professional and dynamic team where you can be responsible of your achievements, in a work life balanced environment. 
A challenging learning environment
Vauban provides several training programs by giving access to learning environment and documentation. Transversal methodologies will help you to perform your skills. A Senior Consultant is responsible for following your own achievement of several KPIs.  
Financial stability
For more than 6 years of activity on the Romanian market, Vauban have been proven a continuous sustainable and healthy growth. This long-term growth is the result of our Clients loyalty, driven by the Vauban capacity to deliver clear added-valuable services in the market.

Social & sportive life
Every month Vauban organizes at least one event with all teams. These events are an opportunity to socialize and share good times with your colleagues.
Vauban promotes the participation to some sportive events (associations, tournaments, cross, sports).
Workshops are done in new places, outside Bucharest.