Improving educational opportunities

Social involvement

Vauban daily acts for continuing commitment to behave ethically and to contribute to economic development, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, of the local community and society at large.
In Romania, Vauban employs a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibilities policy.
Partnership with universities
The initiative to create partnership with universities is based on the fact that companies need trained youth with vocational training adapted to the operational market needs. The advent of a knowledge-based society requires investment in human resource development, to encourage young people to acquire skills in the context of new technologies and the labor market.
The Company Vauban is a responsible economic player in Romania to promote training tailored to the needs of industrial computing market. Vauban believes it is important to promote quality education and to contribute to the development of learning strategies and training.
Vauban has created partnerships with ASE University and the professional school from Fagaras to provide free training programs. These trainings aims at providing students the tools needed to help them take their first steps towards a professional career, and ultimately integrating them in the current highly competitive work market.
Pogram for disabled and/or underprivileged persons
A program for the integration of disabled and/or underprivileged persons in IT projects will open new horizons for the Romanian ecosystem.
If you do know some disabled and/or underprivileged people who have the capacity and the interest in becoming an IT specialist, please feel free to send us their CVs. 
Emulates entrepreneurship effort
Vauban supports the creativity and business initiative of its employees/consultants by offering funds or by organizing fund raises for their personal projects.
Each positive action taken today will contribute to a better world tomorrow.
Contributes to pay taxes
Vauban collaborates on projects with major Romanian companies and has always paid all State taxes and employees benefits in accordance with the Romanian Law.
No fiscal optimization of corporate taxes rules outside Romania has been performed in order to participate to the local economic development.
Vauban considers that taxes permit to generate indirect employment and social contributions.