Vauban Training
Vauban Training programs are designed to transfer key-points knowledge to your internal teams so you can internalize know-how to manage properly IT project & solutions with confidence.

Training for methodology and best practices:
We offer IT training for every level of user within your organization, including business lines that are impacted by IT project, methodological approach for analyst and project manager, organization, security and reporting for technical support and infrastructure department.

Training for specific solutions:
Vauban’s IT courses combine instructor-led lectures with extensive hands-on workshops that teach you how to master the tasks of installing, configuring, tuning, and customizing dedicated solutions for maximum performance and reliability.

Courses are hold in the Vauban Training Center in Bucharest or in our regional offices (dedicated room with computers and laboratories) or on premise at your business.

Inter- company training
These sessions are conducted in our training center, based in Bucharest or in our regional offices.
Based on a semi-annual planning, we offer over 20 training modules on all Vauban methodologies (Project Management, Analysis) and solutions (BI, Axway, Cegid). The majority of these courses are monthly scheduled. We welcome a maximum of ten students per session.
For our main products, complete training cycle is settled to allow you to gain an extensive knowledge panel. We design path from the grip for your employees from beginners to advanced features for experts. Our courses provide a comprehensive body of knowledge and associated best practices.

Intra - company training
These courses are held at your premises.
They are based on a customized preparation, directly guided by your project or context of use of the service or the product. To do this, we design specific modules via an instructional design approach or use our standard training modules. Times and content are adapted and customized to incorporate your needs and your own expectations.
Our approach allows building a "tailored" training by offering a perfect balance between the duration and the content. Trainees practice the training program with a set of practical cases they are daily facing with.

Example of trainings available all the year:

ERP ManufacturingPMI (Introduction plus all modules of ERP)
Axway solutions for End-Users (Administrator, Users)
BI Principles and technologies (with multiple platforms as Cognos, Oracle BI, SAS)

Organizational and methodologies:
Principles and Methodologies for acting as a Project Manager
Principles and Methodologies for acting as an IT Analyst
Methodologies: PMI/PMP, Agile Scrum with Certified Trainers
Principles of methodologies and quality: ITIL principles, Kaizen principles (with a partner)
Coaching an IT Manager / Crisis Management

Audit IT Security
Referring the implementation of a Security Management System with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification, our specialist trains IT Manager on IT Security Audit, gap analysis, pentest and vulnerabilities. Risk evaluation, BCP and procedures.

Other training can be mounted based on the Clients’ requirements.

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