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SaaS - Cloud Platform

Combining infrastructure and functional expertise, Vauban satisfies companies’ objectives in terms of performance and cost reduction, by proposing Cloud and SaaS Services. The Vauban Service Delivery Center helps you to reduce your infrastructure & people costs, increase reliability, and improve the agility of your organization to respond to new needs and opportunities.

As a strong integrator, Vauban proposes to use SaaS offer for managing several applications.

The SaaS service allows a budgeting and financial advantage: the cost for accessing the Vauban SaaS offer (TCO total cost of ownership) is lower than purchasing the license. The Client will pass monthly fees in the operating expenses (OPEX) instead of passing them in immobilization (CAPEX).

Vauban offers in SaaS mode business applications, to enable companies to benefit of the best breed in terms of functionalities and accessibility. The application will reside on servers in a specialized Data Center and will be managed by Vauban’s IT team.
The platform is set on a secure and complete architecture to process all functionalities performed by the Client.

The Cloud mode reduces dramatically human, HW & SW acquisition costs: the client pays monthly installment fees per User to access all services through distinct secured communication channels.

Network outsourcing: helps to establish a more secure and robust network infrastructure, improves scalability and reduce costs.
The Client does not need any more continuously investing in a large-scale software and hardware platform to be able to reach the same level of performance.

Data center outsourcing: secure and stable environment for application development and production hosting, systems and storage services, database management and ongoing application technical support.

Main benefits of using cloud Services:
• Acceding applications through the Internet (not anymore through a workstation or a client server)
• No need to allocate a trained and skillful dedicated IT team. The Database as well as the application itself will reside on Vauban’s servers and will be managed by Vauban staff (in cloud or in remote with your premises).
• No need to purchase licenses (Databases, Servers, VMWare, ...). All the licensing costs are amortized by Vauban investments
• No need to dedicate space for a datacenter with electricity, Hardware-Middleware, security constraints
• Main principles and security aspects are ensured by Vauban: data transfer in between the Client Information System and Vauban Data Center. Security details are defined by Clients Security Officers and Vauban Infrastructure Officers.

The infrastructure and services are offered through KPI agreed with the client, respecting the SLA requirements.

A strict security management policy permits management, optimization and security for connections and accesses for all the Exchanges between Vauban and the Client, a logical access control, an operational interface for security, a security incident management real time communication with the Client, reporting and reviews.

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