Qubes in Thales Avionics

Qubes modules in use:

-Production monitoring



Thales has improved its production monitoring, in particular in the capitalisation of multi-site production data, by using Qubes.
We have installed the Production Monitoring, Traceability and Scheduling modules. We have also set up a dialogue interface between our product test benches and Qubes. This enables us to capitalise the performance data of our products, which can then be extracted in order to conduct analyses of the root causes of faults. We also have plans in place to install the SPC module.
SAP R/3 outputs all the data contained in production orders and planned orders, in particular logistics data and technical data (articles, nomenclatures and manufacturing ranges), on a daily basis. The consistency of the information output by SAP is checked by Qubes. This interface guarantees that the two packages complement each other with no redundancy or gaps between the calculation of requirements performed by SAP and the fine planning of operations by Qubes. SAP is therefore still the reference for manufacturing aspects (nomenclature data and manufacturing range)."

Viewer improvements are clearly perceived as: since we began rolling out Qubes, we have noticed gradual improvements such as real-time sharing of manufacturing information in real time among all the workers involved in the product line (from the operator to the line supervisor, including the engineers who are responsible for the products), responsiveness to manufacturing anomalies (workflow), etc. We now have access to standardized production indicators that are updated regularly via the Qubes viewer.

Interview of Jean-Paul Garré, Industrial Performance Manager, Thales Avionics

Many customers have chosen the Qubes solution.
Companies among the largest names in French industry, in a variety of sectors, have chosen the Qubes solution.
Aerospace and Aeronautics : Thales Avionics ...
• Automotive: Sopil, TI Automotive...
• Food & beverage : Charles & Alice, Nutrixo, Resfresco, Sodiaal, Tipiak...
• Life science : Biomérieux, Cyclopharma, Delpharm, Meda, Sanofi-Aventis...
• Cosmetics : Laboratoires Intercosmétiques, Probionat...

• Arms industry : Nexter, TDA ...

Interface with ERP systems (SAP, CEGID PMI):
ERP software packages cover a vast scope of operations, but cannot answer to all the functions of industrial management. The Qubes software package can in addition to the ERP to fulfil all the Clients requirements in production thanks to its large capacity of configuration.

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