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Big Data Architect - Cloud

Team and Role: Big Data Architect - Cloud
Location: Bucharest 
Level: 1 - 5 years’ experience
Specifies and maintains Data architecture of the solution that will be developed by data team
Ensures product performance, ecosystem integration and flexibility
Provides input on any data architecture and data technology issue
Ensures data architecture, required capacities and tech alignment between teams maximizing reuse of components
Analysis (actors, flows, volumes, frequencies, types, security)
Identification of the data capacity necessary to support the uses
Design of the adapted architecture (scalability, resilience, performance)
Identification of technologies adapted to constraints
Complexity management (roadmap)
Design of adapted test methods
Capitalization on past product architectures
Participation in the implementation of innovative cloud solution
Strong implication on the validation of the capacities of the solution
Contribution and advice on all architectural problems
Expertise in big data cloud architecture based on managed services or IAAS
Depth knowledge of AWS Managed Services
Depth knowledge of IAAS infrastructure manipulation on AWS
Depth knowledge of deployment automation solutions
Knowledge of the general big data ecosystem and the positioning of technologies
Knowledge of different big data patterns
Expertise in the implementation of end-to-end big data architecture (ingestion / treatment / learning / exhibition of services)
Experience with No-SQL databases (column-oriented, key-value, graph) and SQL
Strong problem solving, intelligence, initiative and ability to withstand pressure
Excellent interpersonal skills and great sense of communication (ability to go into detail)
Interesting salary conditions
Undetermined period of contract
Career plan (professional, academic and financial)
Medical insurance
Official training's and certifications
English, French, soft skills training's
Lunch tickets
Yearly professional evaluation
Financial benefits based in the company partnerships
Professional and friendly working environment.
Company description:
Vauban is a great independent Romanian Group with more than 11 years of sustainable and healthy growth. We do focus on innovation, learning, entrepreneurship and capacity to find new solutions. The company figures are +450 consultants, +100 clients, having locations in Romania and France. 
Our teams daily deliver Technology Services as consultancy (missions at clients’ premises), and also from our delivery center (integration & application development in digital and BI, Software as a Service management, Production, security and infrastructure). 
Vauban is also the Romanian partner with Top premium software editors, leader in data governance and security, being responsible to integrate the solutions and to ensure local support.


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Join highly skilled teams involved in great projects. Progress with passion. Training sessions and personal mentoring are done by key-experts in their area of expertise.

Social & sportive life

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Many actions are done in Vauban to promote social, sportive and cultural events. You will participate and contribute to the Vauban logistics during these events.