Smart Routing

Vauban delivers with Geoconcept partner a suite of geoptimization applications.

Geocoding of addresses: a powerful and scalable geocoding solution
Geoconcept Universal GeoCoder is a geocoding solution that enables addresses to be converted into geographical positions (x and y coordinates) or geographical reference (territorial identifiers such as commune, district,…) and conversely to find addresses from geographical coordinates (inverse geocoding / reverse geocoding).

Geoconcept Universal Geocoder is an indispensable tool for obtaining reliable and accurate data, for various businesses : geocoding of client files, emergency callout


A graph creation and routing engine

SmartRouting is a dedicated route calculation engine.
The Smart Routing engine is located in the “Routing” menu of the Geoconcept Geographical Information System.
SmartRouting is a graph creation and routing engine that makes it possible to manage a number of vehicle profiles (heavy goods vehicle, light vehicle…) and which speeds up the calculation of distance matrices.

The routing calculations are based on a network description file called a graph. This file is generated from the Geoconcept GIS ("Create graph" function) and a road navigation database such as HERE's. The route calculation feature uses an optimized roadmap. The isochrone or isodistance areas are calculated using a method based on a customizable resolution territorial grid. The engine also boasts a search for the nearest feature.

SmartRouting provides a complete itinerary, together with description of the route (including the course taken by the road between two intersections), the travel time between each segment and the distance.

With response times measured in milliseconds, SmartRouting supports basic or advanced operations such as calculating a route between 2 points or between 1 point and several points, calculating a distance table (fastest and shortest route), graph building and calculating isochrones.

This engine takes account of numerous customizable management rules 
and features optimized memory usage as well as high computational performance.