Logistic routes optimization

Vauban delivers with Geoconcept partner a suite of geoptimization applications.

Geocoding of addresses: a powerful and scalable geocoding solution.
Geoconcept Universal GeoCoder is a geocoding solution that enables addresses to be converted into geographical positions (x and y coordinates) or geographical reference (territorial identifiers such as commune, district,…) and conversely to find addresses from geographical coordinates (inverse geocoding / reverse geocoding).

Geoconcept Universal Geocoder is an indispensable tool for obtaining reliable and accurate data, for various businesses : geocoding of client files, emergency callout

TourSolver lets you calculate optimised route schedules.
Using simple customer and resource files, you can organise the most cost-effective routes.

pic1TourSolver is the ideal solution for small and medium-size companies that would like to adopt an easy solution that quickly maximizes their returns. Evaluate and optimize your existing routes Schedule your routes taking into account your vehicles and staff constraints (loadings, delivery slots, technician’s qualifications) Export your dispatching plannings to your drivers’ smartphones Reduce the cost of routes by 15% and improve your productivity! Easy to use, TourSolver software is accessible to any kind of user. A wizard guides the user step-by-step: scheduling is a matter of a few clicks!