Fleet Tracking

Vauban delivers with Geoconcept partner a suite of geoptimization applications.

Geocoding of addresses: a powerful and scalable geocoding solution
Geoconcept Universal GeoCoder is a geocoding solution that enables addresses to be converted into geographical positions (x and y coordinates) or geographical reference (territorial identifiers such as commune, district,…) and conversely to find addresses from geographical coordinates (inverse geocoding / reverse geocoding).

Geoconcept Universal Geocoder is an indispensable tool for obtaining reliable and accurate data, for various businesses : geocoding of client files, emergency callout



Thanks to built-in geolocation technologies, the GeoWeb Tracking platform makes it possible to track any vehicle and any individual equipped with a GPS device or receiver.

The platform collates the positions of each entity and renders them on a cartographic medium. It thus makes it possible to keep track of one’s entire fleet at a glance, to decide on vehicle allocation based on the most accurate information and to check how they are doing against forecast. Geolocated, resources are more efficiently managed and their safety improved.

Comprehensive and reliable information transforms a logistics, command or dispatching centre into a control centre.