Axway Transportation & Supply Chain Logistics

Leading transportation and logistics providers act as the single logistics interface for their customers, supplying a genuine one-stop shop that creates economies of scale. Because it’s not just about moving goods – it’s also about providing proactive data to your customers about the status of their supply chain.

Yet creating a single logistics interface can be technically challenging, because it requires an IT landscape capable of integrating multiple geographical locations, connecting with customers and partners with disparate EDI infrastructures, and spanning various collaborative backbones.

Axway provides a complete platform that equips transportation and logistics companies – as well as shipping and receiving departments – with the technology they need to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency through end-to-end visibility and reliable data integration and exchange throughout the entire transport chain, from pick-up to delivery.

These same capabilities support the introduction of innovative online services for partners, customers, and consumers, including package tracking and proactive notifications, merge-in-transit, cross-docking, and vendor managed inventory (VMI).

Robust online tracking services with real-time search and retrieve

Axway Track & Trace makes it easy to pinpoint the location of packages at any given time through secure search, retrieval, transfer, and management of key data. By reconciling transaction data that flows throughout your transport chain and making it visible via real-time dashboard views, this search-and-retrieve capability supports robust online tracking services that allow customers to view the real-time status of shipments as they move through the transport phase of the supply chain.

Automated, low-cost provisioning for fast on-boarding of partners and customers

Axway solutions are designed to help you quickly establish and manage secure connections within your organization, and with your community of partners, suppliers, and customers. From last-mile endpoints to your back-end accounting system nodes, Axway can help you create a branded trading community that replaces VANs and VPNs, requires little or no configuration, deploys in just minutes, and has minimal management requirements.

Automated data integration and consolidated MFT process management

Axway offers robust MFT and B2B solutions for end-to-end integration of data exchanges, both within your organization and with your business interaction community, delivering the data structure and transport mode they require, and the precision timing they expect.

Policy-based protection against data loss, security breaches, and non-compliance

Axway MFT and email security solutions allow you to set policies that analyze the content of files and email messages (and their attachments) to protect against data loss, security breaches, and regulatory violations.