Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Qubes

Vauban is proud to be the partner of Creative IT in Romania. Creative IT trusts Vauban to be the local integrator. Vauban is responsible for distributing the Qubes Applications, to succeed software implementation project and to deliver locally training, maintenance and support.

Creative IT is the publisher of the Qubes software, an innovative solution for the computerization of manufacturing operations - called MES (Manufacturing Execution System), that is managing traceability, capacity, optimisation, control of production costs,. Qubes software makes it possible simply and accurately to automate the operation of the various workshops and then to produce a reliable image of the workshops on the tracking screens and indicators.

In recent years, Creative IT has become a renowned player in the field of industrial management and manufacturing operations management.

Qubes, MES solution: an innovative solution  Qubes modular software package: a modular solution  Customers who use Qubes: a renowned solution 
While most companies use ERP systems for their financial and commercial management, a lot of work still remains to be done in the field of industrial management.
With the Qubes software package, Creative IT proposes an innovative solution to monitor the operation of workshops as closely as possible. The fact that the tool can be customised using a graphical description of actual company processes has earned Qubes an innovation award.
Thanks to a powerful process-description tool, customers can adapt the software to their own operations, benefitting from a standard solution that is also fully customizable. Companies no longer need to adapt to the software, the opposite is now true.
Production follow-up (workshop management, equipment data acquisition, workflow), scheduling (ERP synchronization, finite-capacity calculations), production inspections (self-inspections), maintenance management, TRS, SPC (control charts), downstream traceability (parcel and pallet labelling), document management, process management (non-conformities, complaints, etc.), metrology, advanced statistics (data analysis hypercube (OLAP)).
Qubes software is used by over 150 industrial companies, from SMEs to large multinational conglomerates.
The variety of industries in which our customers work is proof of the adaptable and universal nature of the Qubes software package. Compliant with standards ISO 22000, BRC or even IFS 5, ISO 22716, the Qubes solution is a considerable asset for dealing with customers and third-party organizations.
Our customers range from industrial SMEs to large transnational industrial conglomerates such as Entremont Alliance, Sanofi-Aventis or Thales Aerospace.

Monitoring physical flows, monitoring performance in real time: an innovative, process-based
The Qubes application can be customised on two separate levels: production management functions and business processes. Many basic functions are offered as standard in the tool for managing ranges and nomenclatures, production orders, work-in-process inventories, batches, industrial equipment and other generic subjects. These functions can be configured using Qubes standard screens.

Process-Custom-P41However, to define the business processes of the company,the software offers complete customisation through an innovative process-based approach. The customer defines the various steps to be integrated in the application: receiving material, transformation process, mixing process, assembly process, finishing, packaging, batch release, etc… Each one of these processes in then modelled in Qubes using a graphic tool for designing logical diagrams and maps (point processus1  in the diagram next to these lines).
The process contains all the tasks to be performed, regardless of whether they are sequential or parallel : input screen, barcode reading, PLC connection, real-time indicator display, batch generation, stock updates, warnings, sending e-mail, etc. Qubes uses an innovative process to convert the logical diagrams, leading to the application that operates in the workshop (point processus2 ).
All the operations are tracked in the Qubes database, generating tree diagrams for tracking materials, inventory positions and, obviously, performance indicators (point processus3 ).

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