Axway – Data governance applications for Automotive industry

If increased sales, record profits, the addition of jobs and plans for global expansion are any indication, it’s clear that the automotive industry has recovered. And with the retirement of brands, the reduction and revamping of dealer networks, and the race to provide a highly customer-centric experience, it can be argued that it’s actually being reinvented.

OEMs, dealerships and suppliers are implementing emerging technologies to differentiate themselves from the fleet. From mobile technologies to innovations in the B2B supply chain, increased profits, cost savings and deeper customer loyalty are the rewards for those ready to embrace the change.

For more than two decades, Axway has been a leading provider of solutions for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and their service partners around the world. Axway 5 Suite enables automotive industry solutions that integrate and govern the flows of data that drive business interactions, so companies can deliver new services securely via APIs (including infotainment and telematics for connected cars), streamline data exchange across partner communities via managed file transfer and B2B integration, and ensure SLA and regulatory compliance with complete visibility and control.

Axway TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM)

Axway TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM) is a pre-configured B2B solution that integrates, controls, and monitors internal and external processes, from start to finish, across the entire automotive value chain. Based on an open platform augmented with industry-specific processes, workflows, and specialized services, TSIM streamlines complex production and delivery processes for highest flexibility, efficiency, and quality.

TSIM also provides open interfaces to Axway solutions for end-to-end visibility, policy-based governance, and community management,  Managed File Transfer, and Email and Identity Security.

With TSIM, you can:

•    Speed time to market with Axway’s preconfigured business process packages.
•    Flexibly integrate processes, business units, or new acquisitions.
•    Gain complete business process visibility with the ability to drill from high-level dashboards down to a single process.
•    Adhere to B2B communication standards and OEM and government mandates.
•    Effectively manage your entire trading partner community.

Axway Automotive Supply Chain Ready-to-Run Package

The Axway Ready-to-Run package provides pre-configured standard scenarios, processes, and dashboards for all typical business processes in the automotive industry. The package includes typical workflows from order to payment, with connectivity (OFTP, FTP, etc.), ERP extension (e.g. SAP), any-to-any transformation, and mappings based on automotive standards.

Axway Automotive Supplier Portal (WebEDI)

Available as a service worldwide, the Axway WebEDI portal is specially designed to help you integrate small suppliers into your online trading community. The portal is a high-performance WebEDI system that allows you to exchange data with all of your business partners — even if they do not have their own EDI systems in place.

Providing WebEDI access to your partners can help you:

•    Reduce operational costs. Eliminate expensive EDI systems, complex modifications, and scheduled system maintenance using your existing infrastructure and a B2B gateway.
•    Optimize processes. The portal technology includes complete process packages that adhere to specific industry standards, such as ODETTE and VDA.
•    Onboard partners quickly and easily. Simple and intuitive high-performance dialogues enable fast set-up and integration of all trading partners — all they need to get started is a PC, Internet access, and a browser.
•    Optimize material planning and billing processes with end-to-end visualization of inventory movement.

Axway Collaborative Engineering

Axway’s Collaborative Engineering Solution meets all requirements for fast, secure, and frequent ENGDAT communications (including CAD/CAM models, service descriptions, object lists, and images) between designers and manufacturers. Data is packaged and sent in accordance with ODETTE or VDA standards using the ODETTE File Transfer Protocol (OFTP).

Axway eInvoice

Axway eInvoice enables 100% electronic, secure transmission of invoices, eliminating inefficient manual processes and reducing unnecessary costs. eInvoice adheres to country regulatory requirements and uses all standard communication protocols, including optional encryption, and protects data transmission, data integrity, authenticity and undisputed origin of data. Automatic electronic archiving ends the paper search and enables easy, fast search and retrieval. And, with Axway eInvoice, do away with paper invoices for lower postage, printing and processing costs, fewer invoicing mistakes and built-in security features.