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Vauban delivers a catalog of services and applications for each industry in order to meet the clients’ requirements.Dedicated team with working experiences in the specific industry are deployed to deliver professional services, to integrate applications and to ensure the local maintenance and support.

Professional Services

Business & IT Services - The Consulting Department is able to rapidly deploy consultants (functional and technical) on the Customer's site to conduct various projects (business and / or technical).

Business Process Outsourcing - Most of the time, Vauban works in coordination with a leading applications provider to ensure the right BPO service.

Support & Maintenance, Training - The Vauban Service Delivery Center (VSDC) delivers IT Services for the existing Clients in a remote access mode.

SaaS / Cloud Platform - The Vauban Service Delivery Center (VSDC) enables organizations to create a more cost effective model, highly flexible, secure scalable and responsive IT infrastructure.


Axway - Axway Data governance applications for Automotive industry; Axway TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM); Axway Automotive Supply Chain Ready-to-Run Package; Axway Automotive Supplier Portal (WebEDI); Axway Collaborative Engineering; Axway eInvoice.

MES Qubes - Qubes software makes it possible simply and accurately to automate the operation of the various workshops and then to produce a reliable image of the workshops on the tracking screens and indicators.

CRM Easydo - Easydo is a comprehensive CRM and SFA application specifically market for several sectors with a specific set of functionalities. The use of latest technologies enhances new functionalities that improve the CRM users' experience through an advanced, complex, yet user-friendly interface.

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