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Enabling innovation and growth
Higher customer expectations, intense competition, more new regulations and standards, and major advances in cloud and mobile technologies are reshaping the landscape of the entire Financial Services industry, including consumer-and commercial-facing banks, insurance providers, and capital markets firms as well as the regulators, transaction/data processors, and market infrastructures that work behind the scenes. These trends are driving change at an accelerating rate, as organizations strive to meet new business demands using the latest network technologies, mobile devices, and other engagement models.

While the “old” challenges surrounding security, compliance, efficiency, financial EDI, and cost-control haven’t gone away, new challenges — and opportunities — centered on innovation and growth are emerging in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Axway Financial Services solutions empower organizations across the industry to capitalize on these new opportunities by enabling them to connect and integrate systems, individuals and communities, and providing the security, visibility and optimization required to govern the flow of financial data among them.

Unlike packaged applications, Axway enables financial services organizations to integrate and govern the flow of data for any business interaction involving employees, customers, partners, regulators, processors, market infrastructures and the Federal Reserve (including email and ad hoc data exchanges as well as automated file transfers and real-time messaging). This provides enterprise grade security and control, whether the data flows from system to system, human to human, human to system via portal, machine to machine, on-premise to cloud, and both on-premise and cloud to mobile device.

With the power to govern the flow of all financial data, inside and beyond the enterprise, you can:

•    Respond quickly to customer demands for more convenience and transparency, including online and mobile services, global payments and direct integration with ERP and other business systems.
•    Empower your workforce and improve customer service by giving employees access to information, applications and transactional intelligence from anywhere, including their own tablets and other mobile devices.
•    Address new security and regulatory risks associated with mobile banking, cloud infrastructures and BYOD workplaces using policy-based data protection.
•    Ensure reliability and availability for high-volume transactions and high-value mission-critical (also known as “big value data” interactions), and provide dynamic elasticity to accommodate expected and unexpected peaks and valleys in processing loads.
•    Create new revenue streams with support for global financial services standards and new offerings, such as corporate payables integration, that leverage Axway’s transformation, enrichment, and control capabilities.
•    Leverage Axway’s long history of expertise in financial services infrastructure and security. Axway has authored or co-authored such protocols as PeSIT, AS2 and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). And Axway’s solutions are certified as an Electronic Banking Internet Communications Standard (EBICS) provider, and are compliant with SWIFT, IS0 20022, SEPA, NACHA IAT, FIX and more.

Provide innovative services to consumer, corporate, and institutional customers faster than the competition

In today’s market, financial services organizations have to be a lot more nimble than they used to be. Consumers, corporates, and institutions are demanding a new level of convenience and transparency, and you can’t afford to wait for a multi-year IT infrastructure project to give them what they want. An Axway Financial Services solution can help you quickly introduce innovative offerings that will help you compete — and win — in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

•    Drive core revenue through direct integration and controlled automation — Axway provides the technical flexibility and control you need to gain and retain business by integrating your customer and partner business applications with your own, enabling you to generate incremental revenue while satisfying demand for automated workflows. It is easy to provision and on-board customers and partners, so you can quickly establish a secure, direct connection for moving data back and forth using whatever formats, transmission protocols, and networks they require. (Or, Axway can manage enrollment and provisioning for you.)
•    Enhance client satisfaction, establish competitive differentiation and enable faster problem resolution —  Axway’s data governance capabilities enable financial services companies to validate and provide visibility into high value external transaction data as it is received, rather than waiting for legacy, batch-oriented back office processing. The rapidly changing business environment requires that institutions be able to do more than just securely and reliably exchange data; they must also add a layer of intelligence to add business value and quickly respond to new market or regulatory requirements.
•    Provide mobile and web access for customers, executives and client-facing staff — Axway’s API management capabilities enable you to add modern interfaces to existing infrastructure and legacy applications without any intrusive changes to back-end systems. You can securely integrate on-premise assets with mobile, cloud and third-party assets to give employees and customers convenient access to information and transactions anywhere, anytime via the channels and devices of their choosing.
•    Process real-time payments and payment information across borders — Whether you are a global organization or not, if your partners and customers are adopting new global payment standards faster than you are, you risk losing their business to a competitor that is already capable of handling payments in the formats they require. With an Axway solution, you can seamlessly handle any type of input for payment instructions (such as cross-border ACH, P2P and workers’ remittances) and deliver payment information in the format required by the recipient. And you can deliver it using whatever channel or channels the customer prefers. Becoming payment-type agnostic will be critical for changing and expanding processing relationships, and transforming payments into bona fide revenue-generating lines of business.

Ensure security and reliability — no breaches, no outages
Axway Financial Services solutions deliver the complete security and control (including policy-based data protection, detailed audit trails, and message persistence and archiving) necessary for effective automation, risk management, SLA fulfillment, data quality assurance, cost control, and regulatory compliance throughout your business ecosystem — even as you introduce new interaction models and bring new services to market.

Manage risk and ensure compliance through policy-based data governance — As always, preventing cybercrime and other forms of fraud, protecting data against leakage and loss, and complying with industry and government regulations such as PCI Security Standards, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), FFIEC Guidance, Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), the EU Data Protection Directive, and others are at the top of the mandate list for the entire industry.
Axway can help ensure the success of each initiative by providing the ability to see, analyze, and proactively manage (or “govern”) all of the different data flows and interactions happening within your business ecosystem — across applications, across enterprise boundaries, across communities, and across cloud and mobile applications.

Ensure business continuity with visibility and elasticity — For financial services firms, the implications of a major disruption to the flow of mission-critical data can be catastrophic, not only to the institution itself but to the entire financial ecosystem in which it operates. Regulatory and SLA penalties are only the tip of the iceberg, with the loss of public, customer and partner confidence soon to follow.
Axway provides real-time event monitoring, reporting, and auditing to allow business and IT managers to fast-track low-risk processes and highlight high-dollar, high-risk or unusual transactions. In addition, support for advanced functionality like large enterprise clustering improves availability, scalability, and performance for the data flows, processes, and services that are critical to maintaining business continuity. You can easily manage transaction peaks and valleys, keep up with rapid growth in data volumes, and ensure reliability for the growing number of partners and customers integrated with your business systems.

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