BAT LOGO SMARTGEOSMARTGEO is a high-performance ergonomic WEB solution designed to engage in the "SMARTCITY" development concept now emerging throughout the world.

In the context of growing urban centers, all agglomerations are seeking to optimize their operations by reducing costs. This ranges from the welfare of citizens to the attractiveness of the cities themselves. GiSmartware already serves many authorities and assists them in the management of their assets. SMARTGEO is a multi-sector web platform which is ideal for the management of "intelligent" objects populating "smart cities".

SMARTGEO-MaintenanceBenefits of our solution

SMARTGEO is the ideal solution for mapping urban objects
•    Full web solution designed to manage the use and maintenance of all city assets on a single collaborative platform
•    Easy access to all data for an asset and up to date repository
•    Optimization of intervention cost using a mobile solution for agents
•    High quality of services offered to customers and users

A few Customer references:

Vinci, SPIE, Syndicat Intercommunal d'Energie du département de la Loire (SIEL), Communauté d'Agglomération Valence Romans Sud Rhône-Alpes, Communauté Urbaine du Grand Nancy, Ville de Vénissieux, Conseil Général de la Guadeloupe, SDIS 44, ...


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