Opti-Time: Field team scheduling, Call scheduling and customer service callouts

A complete geo-optimisation and scheduling suite

pic2A full web solution, Opti-Time is a geo-optimisation and scheduling software suite which manages appointment, customer service and delivery schedules. From booking appointments to optimising movements on the ground via the definition and consideration of business constraints, Opti-Time provides mobility decision-makers and operational staff with a comprehensive and customised solution for pinpoint, relevant, rapid and lower cost calls.

The Opti-Time suite is available in two versions

Opti-Time GeoScheduling
Opti-Time GeoScheduling continuously looks for the best possible scheduling of your activities. Thanks to its web architecture, information is immediately shared and activity constantly optimised: real-time appointment management, insertion of new events, updating schedules, emergency management… Geo-planning improves team efficiency from appointments to movements on the ground.

Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling
Beyond continuous optimisation, Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling enables planners to reorganise several resources’ diaries over several days in one operation, thereby achieving the best possible optimisation. The application optimises scheduling management by linking activities, diaries and movements. The power of its optimisation algorithms makes it possible to cut total mileage and to reduce time spent on the road while complying with operational constraints.

Whether as a complete software suite or optimisation components, the Opti-Time solution readily integrates into different legacy Information Systems (integrated CRM/ERP connectors) and communicates with relational databases and mobile terminals. The web- type interface, the availability  of Web services and a data circulation module make for easy deployment.