CRM Easydo

Easydo is a comprehensive CRM and SFA application specifically market for several sectors with a specific set of functionalities. The use of latest technologies enhances new functionalities that improve the CRM users' experience through an advanced, complex, yet user-friendly interface.

Easydo is designed to simplify and improve the work done by sales teams, thus increasing efficiency and awareness among all users. Easydo connects and secures each data flow and organizes information for maximizing clients’ sales operations in a centralized middle-ware.

The Easydo architecture features several modules such as: front-end in java, interfaces with latest platforms (such as Google Docs, Outlook, GIS), interfaces with existing PBX call center, a standalone Android application, a back-end workflow engine, a reporting module and a data mining engine for campaign management and many more. Easydo functionalities meet the strict and specific requirements of each vertical industry.
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Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers, your prospects, following and managing your operations and sales commitments on a daily basis are key priorities. For over 20 years, the IT industry has been providing complex and vertical applications to manage sales forces and clients' information systems through long-term investment projects. Nowadays, latest technologies allow us to offer cost-effective collaborative platforms, accessible from any internet linked device, which can also be interfaced with any data source in order to process and to deliver data faster.
Easydo main differentiation are:

  • Pragmatic cost-efficient application
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Complex yet user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Integration with major reporting software offering analytics, data mining and campaign management
  • Analytics platform can be rent in SaaS mode or in Cloud

Easydo uses latest technologies to perform CRM and SFA functionalities.

  • Increase productivity and decrease operating costs
  • Sensitive information is securely stored and displayed according to custom security policies
  • Collaborative work platform
  • Unlimited number of users
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Save, control and quickly access all information
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