GeoWeb Call Center

Call Center platforms enriched with geographical features

pic3The GeoWeb Call Center platform enhances the call centre applications with relevant geographical functions. It provides online access to one or a number of map servers to locate sites simply by entering the address with a dynamic display capability. The integrated map services such as search for the nearest, geocoding or route calculation endow the call platform with true geographical intelligence.

Proximity & assistance

Call location by geocoding, search for the nearest service provider, connection to a fleet tracking by geolocation platform… :
Thanks to online geographical services, remote operators become expert in their clients’ territory, offering them a particularly responsive local service. Faced with an assistance issue, GeoWeb Call Centre assigns the closest resources and reduces callout timescales.


Thanks to the web publishing technologies developed by GEOCONCEPT, the cartographic display, search and geographical optimisation features integrated with GeoWeb Call Center are among the fastest and most powerful on the market, which is indispensable for any application used in connection with a telephone-based relationship.

User-friendliness & transparency

The user-friendly interface provides intuitive navigation and rapid decision-making. Training of the remote operators is facilitated and call length reduced thanks to the automatic and accurate location of the call.


The standards-based (XML, DHTML, SOAP web services or REST) architectures implemented in the context of the GeoWeb Call Center offering, are compatible with all existing architectures (CRM, CTI…) and are ready for integration within a call centre architecture. The user has the option of storing all of his data on his own servers or hosting them in SaaS mode.