Axway Energy, Utilities & Telecom Industry Solutions

In highly regulated industries, managing, securing and tracking the flow of information is at the top of the priority list — not only for the CTO, but also for the CEO, the CFO and anyone else concerned with ensuring compliance and preventing accidental data loss due to human error.

Axway provides comprehensive Managed File Transfer solutions that enable:
•    Oil & gas companies to secure and manage file exchange between functional areas within the organization (i.e., multi-site corporate-to-station communications) and with external trading communities of suppliers, distributors and customers. Automated data updates provide the business intelligence required to optimize pricing and inventory control, and adapt more rapidly to changing market conditions.
•    Electric and other utilities to guard against cyber threats, audit and report on aggregated usage data, deliver customer data and billing information accurately and on time, and ensure compliance with a host of security-intensive regulations, including NERC, GADS and ES&D.
•    Telecom providers to secure, automate and monitor billing and other high-volume data exchanges with commercial and residential customers via multiple protocols, and quickly establish secure connections to deliver new revenue-generating services.

Protect data and ensure compliance with flexible, auditable MFT
By ensuring security and auditability for all file transfers and improving the agility and value of your existing IT assets, an Axway solution can help you:
•    Prevent data losses and protect intellectual property. Safeguard all company, customer and partner information against both external hackers and accidental dissemination from inside your organization. Axway protects automated data exchanges and ad hoc file transfers between people, including very large CAD/CAM files, seismic and exploratory maps, marketing and advertising graphics, and legal documents related to M&A.
•    Comply with government and industry regulations. Secure data at rest and in motion,, and provide timely aggregated audit data to avoid steep penalties, both financially and in terms of damaged brands and customer/partner relationships. Axway provides granular visibility into file movement and access as information travels from internal systems out to the world and back again.
•    Deliver files accurately, securely and on time. Prevent late, failed or inaccurate delivery of statements, usage data and other critical files that can jeopardize your SLAs, your compliance initiatives and your business relationships. Axway can also help you streamline and secure day-to-day operations that involve sensitive data, including treasury, HR and payroll information.

The Axway Advantage
•    Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer, Axway’s easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage and easy-to-use solutions offer:
•    A consolidated file transfer platform for system-to-system, agency-to-agency, and person-to-person exchange of structured and unstructured data. With an Axway solution for internal and external file exchange, you can finally eliminate dangerous rogue ftp servers, unsecured email and physical media, expensive VANs/VPNs, and high-maintenance proprietary software— without scripting or changing your existing IT environment.
•    A single point of record for what goes in and out of your enterprise. Business and technical dashboards give you start-to-finish visibility into file movements, including complete audit trails to help you meet stringent SLAs and demonstrate compliance with regulations like NERC, GADS, ES&D, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and PCI.
•    Policy-based governance, content filtering and encryption for systematic and ad hoc file transfers. Axway solutions offer a full arsenal of security measures that prevent data loss, ensure human error does not cause a breach of confidential information, protect data in the DMZ, and simplify certificate management/validation/authorization-checking for security-intensive PKI-based transaction networks.
•    Powerful (and easy) community management capabilities that reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction. An Axway solution can help you quickly establish secure last-mile connections and streamline how you provision, manage, and interact with your business community.


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