Support & Maintenance, Training

The Vauban Service Delivery Center (VSDC) enables organizations to create a more cost effective model, highly flexible, secure scalable and responsive IT infrastructure. Vauban delivers expertise, methodology, security, dedicated team availability, support 24/7.
VSDC Outsourcing permits our Clients to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.
The Vauban Service Delivery Center (VSDC) delivers IT Services for the existing Clients in a remote access mode. Technical assistance and maintenance services are delivered in conformity with a strict methodology, guarantying the Client that their system respects the best standards commonly used.
Vauban ensures also On-site support for solving issues that cannot be solved remotely.
VSDC services are accessible through the Vauban Support Portal, by email or by phone. In any case, a SPOC – Single Point of Contact manages all incidents and services.
Each Input is registered by phone and/or email on Vauban Ticketing System. A Support Request number is raised and follows the Service Level Agreement rules. Reports can be delivered in order to have a good visibility on all actions in process/solved/ unsolved.  
A strict security management policy permits management, optimization and security for connections and accesses for all the Exchanges between Vauban and the Client, a logical access control, an operational interface for security, a security incident management real time communication with the Client, reporting and reviews.