develops cartographic software solutions for the telecommunications, energy, water, town planning and tourism sectors...

Your business, our expertise, solutions
GiSmartware's advantage lies in its knowledge of its customers' business, gained over a period of 20 years. GiSmartware relies on its expertise in Geographic Information Systems to offer high-performance mapping management platforms for areas and infrastructure. These also allow utility and asset managers to create, to cooperate and to maintain their equipment.

Our commitments
GiSmartware pursues a policy of excellence to strengthen its position in regard to GIS. This is based on our IT expertise and an organizational structure which promotes innovation.

GiSmartware provides support to customers during all stages of the IT project : advise, integration and migration services and training, of course. Training sessions are especially designed to let users get to grips with the software.

Through close collaboration with leading companies in the water, telecoms and energy sectors, as well as authorities of all sizes, GiSmartware staff are knowledgeable and have been trained in the use of the vocabulary and terminology commonly used in each field.

GiSmartware pays special attention to product development in order to meet its customers' high expectations. R&D is therefore a priority for GiSmartware and accounts for 20% of their expenditure each year.

GiSmartware has built solid partnerships with other groups and experts over the years. GiSmartware engineers are Microsoft, ESRI, GEOCONCEPT and Oracle certified... GiSmartware is associated with the leading SSILs in their markets in order to be able to cover projects of a multinational scope and projects for major authorities in France and abroad.

Customer satisfaction is an ongoing goal which is at the heart of GiSmartware's strategy. GiSmartware organizes User Clubs providing a forum for discussion between staff users and the company. Users also have a support hotline available.