Vauban is an independent Romanian company delivering business processes & IT services. Founded in 2007, Vauban starts its activity by developing and implementing IT projects for major financial companies in Romania.

In a period of higher competitiveness and of critical changes, the Information System is more than ever a very important investment for making organizations well performed and ready to successfully face existing and future challenges. As the logo of Vauban” Fortify your business” states, our mission is to optimize the performance and to reinforce the competitiveness of our clients by delivering technical and functional assistance, integrating and accompanying IT projects and by providing dedicated software applications.

Vauban is continuously extending its portfolio in order to provide services and solutions to dedicated markets as: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, Transports & Logistics, Energy & Utilities, FMGC & Retail, Pharma & Health.

As an IT Integrator, the principal objective of Vauban is to industrialize its processes and production capabilities to perform a large number of clients and to respect satisfactory indicators as quality, time delivery and cost. The partnership with strong added value software companies permits Vauban to propose clear values to its Clients.

To accomplish this strategy, Vauban is putting in place the Vauban Service Delivery Center (VSDC). The VSDC is offering a more cost effective model, highly flexible, secure scalable and responsive IT resources, software and hardware infrastructure.

To do more with less: by sharing resources and strongly organizing them, Clients increase productivity and decrease operating costs. Outsourcing satisfies this dual objective.

Technical assistance and maintenance services are delivered in conformity with a strict methodology, guarantying the Client that their system respects the best standards commonly used.

Vauban has a relevant size to combine flexibility and capacity of packaging services. If Clients are mainly located in Bucharest, next steps are extending services over the Romanian territory and abroad.