Scheduling customer service callout routes: maintenance, after sales service, assistance

You carry out preventive maintenance assignments and emergency callouts: after sales service and maintenance of heating installations, air conditioning, lifts or escalators, domestic or electronic appliances, IT equipment, machine tools, lifting equipment, industrial installations, utilities' maintenance (electricity, gas, water).

Do you want to optimise your technicians' routes to improve your service quality, respond rapidly to emergencies while reducing operating costs ?

Taking better account of geographical realities can reduce customer service staff travelling time by 20% : that translates into a shorter customer service response time, a customer commitment honoured and higher productivity. Corrective and preventive maintenance, after sales service, emergency repair, services to companies…
No matter what sector you are engaged in, your response schedules on the groute can be optimised to provide quality customer service and improve productivity.

  • Optimising the geographical distribution of your response teams
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance calls
  • Real-time operations management : curative callouts, emergency repairs and incidents

Our solutions and data

  • Address geocoding solution

Accurately and precisely locating the geographical address of your customers or callout locations is an indispensable step in obtaining reliable and accurate calculations.

  • Territory redistricting solution

Territory redistricting enables you to distribute your customers across strategic callout areas to balance your routes between your technicians. You can determine which sites or customers will be served by your technicians depending on the distance and drive time.

  • Real-time mobile team cheduling solution

Our mobile team scheduling solution enables you to calculate in real-time the most profitable schedules based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints.

  • Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

We provide you with a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform. You know where your driver / delivery teams are in real-time and can direct their activities.