Sales routes optimization

You are responsible for sales force teams and you schedule the routes of your salespeople and representatives.

  • Analyse Geographical analysis and territory balancing based on turnover
  • Optimizing sales movements
  • Directing sales activity

Our solutionas and data

  • Address geocoding solution

Accurately and precisely locating the geographical address of your prospects and customers is an indispensable step in obtaining reliable and accurate calculations.
Thanks to geocoding tools and automatic address verification, the information captured in the contact database is of superior quality.

  • Territory redistricting solution

Territory redistricting enables you to distribute your customers based on turnover and distance to be travelled to balance your routes between your sales personnel.

  • Route optimization solutions

Our sales route optimization solutions enable you to calculate the most profitable routes itineraries based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints.

  • Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

We provide you with a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform. You know where your driver / delivery teams are in real-time and can direct their activities