Geoptimization solution

Geographical optimization improves the organization of your mobile workforces.

You want to optimize the activity of your mobile teams?


GEOCONCEPT offers a comprehensive route optimization and mobile team scheduling.  You get :

  • Balanced and realistic redistricting 
  • Optimized allocation of resources to agencies or warehouses
  • Efficient and profitable routes 

The geographical optimization solutions can improve the efficiency of your organization. They provide productivity gains and significant cost savings.

The GEOCONCEPT solution was designed first and foremost to respond to expectations of users who wanted to leverage the power of geographical data to the fullest.

 The Geoconcept Geographic Information System (GIS) is the central kernel of an advanced range of products relating to spatial data management, the creation and publishing of maps and geographical analyses. Geoconcept supports vector and raster data, point, line, surface and text objects. Its powerful engine for managing geometric and attributes data of variable sizes, allows to fully exploit complex databases.

These applications enable you to :

  •      Facilitate the publishing of geographical information using light platforms
  •     Offer greater independence and efficiency based on mobility solutions
  •     Provide a high level of flexibility by means of advanced display and compression technologies and
  •     Ensure the accuracy of your analyses using dedicated and powerful geocoding tools.

A comprehensive and coherent solution system

systeme-GIS-ENThe Geoptimization System offers a coherent, comprehensive and flexible solution range, to answer, to meet all the needs of field workforces organization.

  • Efficient software solutions (planning and operations management)
  • Additional modules (organization of resources, dissemination and analysis in real time)
  • Autonomous components (dissemination of geoptimization within existing systems)
  • A comprehensive range of data that guarantee accuracy and reliability

The key strenghts of the geoconcept GIS:

  • Openness

Geoconcept integrates seamlessly with corporate information systems providing superior interoperability between tools and interchanges. With its very open engine, Geoconcept provides a rich suite of development tools accessible to the greatest number of people for building and incorporating mapping applications into a company’s information system. The openness of the GIS also confers the ability to create applications for enhancing or modifying the way in which Geoconcept behaves.

  • Performance

Its variable size structure optimizes size, disk space and memory use.

  • Expertise

Geoconcept, which created the concept of geo-optimization, combines mapping with the latest optimization technologies to maximize organizations’ efficiency. Thanks to the numerous ways in which it can share information, its links with mobility tools, its ability to expand and the ease with which it integrates with other systems, Geoconcept’s technology brings the benefits of geo-optimization to fields as diverse as geomarketing, territory management, emergency or the management of mobile teams.

  • Richness and complexity

The Geoconcept GIS features powerful data analysis functionality, especially thematic analysis and query functions, without requiring a single line of programming. Its powerful engine supports sophisticated and complex thematic and spatial calculations and analysis.

  • Ergonomics

The Geoconcept Geographical Information System is built using the latest Microsoft Office User Interface. It provides a rich and user-friendly experience. Geoconcept’s very intuitive interface meets the needs of non specialists and expert users alike. Its innovative touch mode gives friendly access to all primary functions and perfectly fits with all sizes of touchscreens.

  • Communication

An intuitive website builder encourages communication, ranging from simply creating cartographic images to providing applications accessible over the web via ActiveX controls accessible by Windows.