Axway API Management Solutions 

Protect and grow your business in the new API economy

Acting as the common layer that spans platforms, devices and systems, APIs (including REST/JSON, SOAP/XML, and many other protocols) are a powerful tool for adapting to the explosion in cloud, mobile devices and interconnected ecosystems, and for freeing business data too often trapped in legacy systems. For example:

  • Financial services APIs allow users to manage personal and corporate bank accounts and execute financial transactions such as wire transfers and settlements.
  • Healthcare APIs transmit laboratory test results and provide access to patient healthcare records.
  • Human resources APIs are used to request background checks and manage 401k accounts.
  • Supply chain APIs handle quote requests and submission of customs and trade documents.
  • E-commerce APIs deliver corporate purchase orders and register new suppliers.

As organizations expose more enterprise APIs that handle these types of sensitive data and business-critical functions, security, management and access control have become must-have capabilities. Protecting the business means granting API access only to approved and authenticated counterparties, and preventing the kind of attacks and breaches that can result in brand damage, loss of revenue, legal challenges and compliance penalties. And growing the business means making it easy to integrate and aggregate partner APIs no matter what interface protocols or authentication schemes they use.

Axway API Management Solutions simplify all aspects of safeguarding, promoting, coordinating and managing your APIs (including cloud, mobile and REST-style APIs) at all levels: interface, access and data.

Solutions include:

  • API Gateway - Standardize the API development and delivery capabilities required to leverage existing back-end applications to provide new business services via cloud, mobile and partner channels
  • API Portal- Provide a role-based self-service portal that makes it easy for internal and external developers to browse, consume and monitor usage of APIs.
  • API Analytics - Leverage comprehensive reporting, monitoring and auditing capabilities to gain insight into the performance and quality of your API gateway operations, APIs and transactions.
  • API Security - Deflect attacks against, control access to, and secure the data transmitted by APIs, with complete auditing, monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities to help you meet stringent compliance mandates.