About Vauban

Vauban is an independent Romanian company delivering business processes & IT professional services. Vauban has 7 years experience with a continuous sustainable and healthy growth.

Vauban performs many projects and reaches a stage to industrialize its professional services delivery, based on partners’ applications. The growth and the loyalty of our premium Clients permit Vauban to invest in a long term operational strategy for developing future services and software apps.

Vauban philosophy is that the success of an IT project involves essentially a very good understanding of the Client business. The capacity to staff projects with the appropriate expertise and to apply the compliant methodology to the project leads Vauban to work with premium companies in several industries. As an IT integrator, the principal objective of Vauban is to industrialize its processes and production capabilities to perform a large number of clients with a clear added valuable quality / cost / time ratios.

Vauban builds a genuine long term partnership with its clients based on solid foundations such as trust, confidentiality, honesty and integrity and sustains this relationship through a long-term commitment.